Why men wear green hats when their wives go to Wushan – 老婆出轨叫戴绿帽子的由来 – English

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Husband with an unfaithful wife is often described as someone who is wearing a green hat. Why is that? Actually, the expression “to wear a green hat” has a story behind it.

Once upon a time there were a man and his wife. The wife was delicate as a flower, tender and beautiful. She did not go out from the house very often, but usually stayed inside sewing. However, as she was born with good looks, men would always lust after her beauty. The husband was a businessman and often was away on business. The couple’s days passed in prosperity. Nevertheless, whenever the husband was not home, the wife would inevitably feel unbearably lonely. Eventually one day, the wife was unable to restrain herself and hooked up with a market cloth merchant. Whenever her husband was away on business, they fooled around like rain clouds over Wushan, never discovered by him. Once the husband has not left the house for two months, which made the cloth merchant anxiously running around in circles.

Finally, one day the husband saddled his horse and went hunting outside the city walls. Passing through the market, he was spotted by the cloth merchant. This made the cloth merchant extremely happy as he was thinking that the husband is going away on business. That evening he hurriedly hid himself in his lover’s bedroom prepared for a romantic rendezvous. Unfortunately that evening the husband returned, nearly catching the cloth merchant red-handed. The wife was also terrified to death while the cloth merchant was trembling whole night under the bed. Shortly after this incident the wife requested the cloth merchant to get her a piece of green cloth, so that she could make a green hat for her husband. She also arranged with the cloth merchant that he can come over only when he sees her husband on the way out wearing the green hat. In a few days the husband again decided to go away on business, the wife promptly giving him the green hat said, “There’s a sand storm outside. Put on this hat so your hair wouldn’t get dirty. And green colour makes you look even more handsome.” The husband was very happy to hear that, thinking that he is really good-looking. Thus he set off on his journey cheerfully wearing the green hat. That night the wife spend together with the cloth merchant. From now on, whenever the cloth merchant saw the husband wearing the green hat on the way out, he couldn’t stop his heart from bursting with joy.

That is how the expression “to wear a green hat” spread around.


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