The Nanjing Massacre – 南京大屠杀 – English

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On the wall

Crammed with

Thousands upon thousands of

Names of martyrs

I took one look

Only one quick look

Then I decided to leave

Without glancing back, I left

That is because I saw

A friend’s name

Of course I knew

It was only his namesake

I am quite sure

If I had taken a second look

I would have seen

My own name

More than ten years ago, three vociferous, unknown young writers were lucky enough to have used the old “Poetry Anthology” section of the magazine, “Literary Friends” as a through train to leap into poetry circles, and to win overnight fame. Among them was Zhu Jian. Only Zhu Jian knew how to treasure the opportunity to continue moving forwards, to be diligent, and to go on writing prolifically in the New Century. “The Nanjing Massacre” represents his present situation: he is dissatisfied with his small innate talent; he refuses to rest at his title of “King of Short Poems”; and he talks about power and striving to write great poetry by using his own distinctive style.

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