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One of my friends who has a good wife at home was recently involved in an affair with a cyber friend, and it ended nastily. On one hand the wife wouldn’t accept another woman, and on the other hand, the cyber friend refused to be a lover. In the end, the friend confessed to both women and admitted that he still loved them both. So each women knew about the other and were extremely jealous. This friend came to me for a solution. I said said to him, “The only way is a polygamous relationship. Polyamory is a time-tested relationship structure, and it cures people’s jealousy.” My friend replied, “Maybe a polyamorous relationship can work in theory, but it’s not going to work in real life.” I said, “Who says it’s only theoretical? It’s becoming a new way of having relationships, many people have already gotten on board: one man, two women; one woman, two men; two men, two women; any combination that makes you all happy. Who said it’s not real?”

Although many people’s relationships can be solved in this way, when it happens close to home, it causes one to sigh with regret. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it is a double-edged sword, it brings people happiness, and it gives them trouble.

When people fall passionately in love, the sky is blue and flowers are red, and a sense of good fortune and happiness spontaneously arises, like a bird flying high, or a fish swimming free – who would not say that love is beautiful? However, when we encounter actual love, or you get married, or he has a lover, or you love him but he does not love you, or he loves you but you do not love him, although both parties are in love, they are separated by distant moment, with no chance to meet. It is impossible to rid oneself of the inexhaustible distress. Dark clouds cover the sky all day and the face is awash with tears. Who is able to break free of love’s distress?

We can only pray to God, let lovers marry, and let the flower of love bloom, undefeated.

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