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The following is a non-exhaustive list of websites with a China focus proposing good contents. If you would like to suggest others, please add a line in the comment section!

You may also be interested in our tips on Chinese language learning.

Sinica Podcast – a weekly podcast focusing on politics, economics, international relations and how it all relates to China, hosted by Jeremy Goldkorn and Kaiser Kuo.

The China Story – from ANU’s China in the World Institute, the ultimate high-brow blog, observing contemporary China’s leading intellectuals, publishing pieces by leading academics

Danwei  – a website started by Jeremy Goldjorn, China expert and host of the Sinica podcast, offering news and media analysis of contemporary China

China Smacks – Marco Polo Project’s tabloid and pop version – all about the latest Chinese web scandals, with translations of selected weibo comments

Chinese Text project – a free repository of ancient Chinese texts, with a focus on philosophy, offered in Mandarin and English translation

Paper Republic – Chinese literature in translation, and introductions to leading young authors.

You might also like to check out these very good blogs and blog aggregators: Ministry of TofuChina Hush, China digital times, China GeeksHao Hao reportChina Dialogue. For a more complete list, you can look at Danwei’s ‘Model Worker’ list, with a detailed description of English language blogs about China – or the full list published at China bloggers.

And for non-English speakers, you might enjoy Caratteri Cinesi (Italian), Chinalati (Espanol), magazeta (Russian) or l’Empire Weibo (French). A special mention to Sapore di Cina for their effort to blog about China in Italian, English and Spanish.

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