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I’ve like a person for five years。I’ve not been able to forget,During high school(during high school)our relationship was great,but she went back to her sweetheart。I have to wait。After she went to college,we weren’t in the same city。But our relationship was still good。At this time, I would still go to her university to see her。Afterwards to find out,during freshman year she broke up with her boyfriend。At this time our relationship was great but I initiated all the calling。She’s contacted me less。She and her boyfriend have probably been broken up for a year。I think I should use this opportunity to explain to her。So I then wanted to invite her to come out。She returned to say that she wants me to meet someone and I said who。She said it was her new boyfriend。At that time, I was in an indescribable mood.。But there was nothing I could do and suddenly this way I would have to choose to forget her。After a year and a half later。I tried hard to forget her,it was painful at that time。But as the time passed, so did my feelings。One time, I even felt that I had completely forgotten about her。Until this summer。I was at school when I saw her message。She said that she’s opening up a jewelry cleaning store。I wish that everyone will support me。I still didn’t know what to do。Then I asked her this sentence:You still cleaned jewelry。Then started to talk about whatever。Afterwards about 10 days passed,she suddenly sent me news,she asked if I can help her find an art designer for her business,at that time I spoke without thinking and said,I’ll help you with this。Then starting from summer our relationship was on and off and about 7 or 8 times she initiated it about her business problems。This December I’ll almost be graduating。She suddenly called to ask me if I could come to he university to decorate。I wanted to decline。Because I found out that in months to come, my feelings for her are slowly returning。But my mouth returned a reply。Afterwards we met as we planned。We were separated for nearly a year。My feelings for her came back to haunt me。But I wouldn’t dare with her because I don’t know what she wants。A whole year passed and she’s just became 25。I suddenly decided to start again。 No matter the result I don’t want to feel regretful. Tellnif my decision was correct.

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