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Once Buffon said: Talent is only a matter of patience. What did he mean?

Buffon was an eighteenth-century French mathematician who invented the famous “Needle Problem” in the history of Mathematics, known as the Buffon’s Needle Principle. Later mathematicians repeated his experiment thousands of times to work out the value of pi.Therefore, the simplest explanation for what Buffon meant, is the perseverance required in repeating the experiments so many times.

By extension, we can understand Buffon’s words in the following way: when it’s reached a point when no other people can endure, the genius are the people who keep insisting. Talented painters are those who keep on painting (Picasso painted around 37,000 paintings in his life, one a day on average); genius musicians are constantly composing; genius writers are always writing. 在别人做其他事情时或者无所事事时,他们却一直在创作着后来被称为天才的作品,他们本人也因此被后人称为天才。



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