A BBC team visiting Hefei got through 10 pounds of Crayfish in two hours – 英国BBC节目组探访合肥小龙虾 两小时吃掉10斤虾 – English

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当天17:30,Fast Track摄制组一行三人来到宁国路龙虾店。刚进门,主持人Rajar就惊叹大厅的气派,制片人Joanne则诧异,为何这么多的人会在同一个大厅里吃着同一样食物。为了拍摄地好看,主持人必须与环境融为一体。于是,Rajar跟着工作人员一起尝试剥虾、烹调等过程,还现场亲口尝了合肥的小龙虾。而这一尝便一发不可收拾了。




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当天17:30,Fast Track摄制组一行三人来到宁国路龙虾店。刚进门,主持人Rajar就惊叹大厅的气派,制片人Joanne则诧异,为何这么多的人会在同一个大厅里吃着同一样食物。为了拍摄地好看,主持人必须与环境融为一体。于是,Rajar跟着工作人员一起尝试剥虾、烹调等过程,还现场亲口尝了合肥的小龙虾。而这一尝便一发不可收拾了。  
  <p>Today at 17:30, a team producing the BBC show "Fast Track" arrived at one of the crayfish restaurants in Ningguo Street. As he entered, host Rajar was amazed by the grandeur of the place, and also producer Joanne was surprised. How can so many people all come to eat one dish? To film a good show the host needs to experience his environment. So following the example of the staff Rajar cleaned and tasted a piece of crayfish. And that's when this tasting session got a bit out of hand.</p>
  <p>As he was shooting the documentary this evening, host Rajar wanted to savour the atmosphere in one of Hefei’s famous crayfish restaurants – and try some himself. Two dishes of beautifully prepared crayfish were served, accompanied by garlic and vinegar. “We believed they would not be used to these flavours”, the restaurant owner Zhang Jin worried. The host and the producer listened carefully when he explained how to eat the crayfish, while continuing to talk into the camera. When the owner handed a crayfish to Rajar and showed how to suck its head, peel off its scales, and eat the tender meat inside, Rajar looked skeptical. “I thought he was wondering whether he could eat it at all”, the owner said. After Rajar dipped it into the sauce and tasted it, things got out of hand. “The producer Joanne also started eating”. A few minutes later, both of them were eating excitedly, completely ignoring the running cameras. Rajar kept eating while giving thumbs-up signs. Because they weren’t skilled at removing the scales, the restaurant manager naturally became his guests’ ‘head crayfish peeler’. “In an hour’s time they finished five portions: five kilograms!”, the restaurant owner said, surprised. He’d never guessed that someone not used to the taste, could eat so much in such a short time.</p>
当晚拍摄节目时,主持人Rajar主动要求去大厅感受合肥人吃龙虾的气氛,还要亲口品尝一下。桌上摆了两盘烹饪好的龙虾,酱料是蒜和醋。“我觉得他们( 英国人)应该吃不惯这个味道吧。”龙虾店老板担心。而主持人和制片人认真地听着张劲讲解着如何吃虾,一面还要对着镜头说话,工作状态依旧。待到要品尝环节,老板拿起一只龙虾,递到Rajar的手里,让他先吮吸一下虾头,再剥开虾尾的虾壳,吃里面白嫩嫩的虾肉。Rajar有些疑惑。“我觉得他当时应该也在犹豫这东西能不能吃啊。”老板分析。当Rajar蘸着酱料尝了一口之后,便一发不可收拾了。“女制片人Joanne也跟着吃了起来。”几分钟后,两人完全进入了吃虾的状态,早已不顾及仍旧开着的摄影镜头了。“吃的过程中,Rajar不停地竖大拇指。”老板也没有闲着,因为陌生,两人剥虾并不熟练,老板顺理成章担任起二人的“剥虾工”。“他们大概吃了一个多小时,总共吃了5份虾,10斤。”老板说,他感到十分诧异,原本以为不习惯的味道,却没想到一下吃了那么多。 <p><strong>Broadcast in Britain for the November "Crayfish Festival"</strong></p>
  <p>The BBC is working on a series of travel documentaries about various Chinese cities. And of course travel includes food. "He told us he chose Hefei because he had heard about the Hefei Crayfish Festival in British media, and felt that this was one of the cultural highlights of Hefei." Rajar told us he'd never before tasted crayfish cooked in this way, this was the first time.</p>

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