Will the US and China lay out their cards over Scarborough Shoal? The Chinese military has the ace! 美中黄岩岛摊牌?中国军人:好牌在我手看你怎么摊 – English

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“黄岩岛:美中下次南海摊牌”,美国《国家利益》杂志以此为题称,“如果中国在黄岩岛填海造地,中国军力部署就可以扩展到整个南海,这将对菲律宾和美国产生巨大的战略影响”。 美国摊牌,有什么牌可摊?作为域外国家抓耳挠腮,好意思指手画脚,真是狗拿耗子多管闲事,典型的“世界麻烦制造者”。

Looking at the latest development in the adjudication on the South China Sea,there are suspicions as to how the members of the adjudicating committee were chosen, with China having to live with American and the Phillipines cooperating to ensure a foregone conclusion in their favour. At this sensitive time, with the American air force flying in the vicinity of Scarborough Shoal,the American media constantly making a controversy of the issue, the area has become a new point of contention between China and the US. America making a song and dance in the Hague,but we must always be prepared to defend the shoal. So long as we can control the shoal we can control the South China sea; and so long as we can control the South China sea we will be able to avoid being strangled by the US, thus having some qualification to talk of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.“针锋相对,寸土必争”是我们的一贯政策,何况黄岩岛本来就是我固有领土,地球人都知道。谢谢提醒我们该在黄岩岛填岛了。如果摊牌是迟早的事,我们要勇于面对。当务之急是做一个称职的大自然搬运工:填黄岩岛、填黄岩岛、填黄岩岛,重要的事说三遍!

Don’t use the idea in “The Art of War” of provoking your enemy in order to succeed. No matter how well America may have studied this work, don’t forget who wrote it。“You take care of yours, I’ll take care of mine”,you should understand it deeply and apply it flexibly. Don’t rashly discard the measures and steps taken by the defeated opponent of that time, 那是一笔财富。America has repeatedly stirred up trouble at China’s door,but all these ended in failure. It seems they are still playing with fire and require discipline,once again proving that “When you are wrong、the place in which you are wrong will give rise to a mistake conflict.”

“Should anything we had not expected occur in Scarborough Shoal,included those outcomes the US is responsible for.” Although we are no provocative, this does not mean we are afraid of those who are.After 5000 years and through all sorts of trials, what conflicts have the Chinese not yet seen? In the predatory world of international society, the soft fear the hard, the hard are afraid of the powerful, and the powerful are afraid of those who do not fear death. The PLA are capable of ascending to the moon and reaching down to the ocean’s depths. “Should conflict be forced upon us, we will face it bravely.” I am the sovereign of my territory, and those who dare violate that sovereignty must face the consequences. They who dare to fire the first shot will find themselves buried in the torrential South China sea. China is justified in defending its rights in the South China sea,and the power of justice cannot be defeated.

At the same time the US was turning the Middle East from a heaven into a hell, it was, for its own ends, creating conflict, death, and problems with terrorism and refugees. Obama, seen as a member of the faction that would “seek truth from facts”, acknowledged during his period in office that, of all his mistakes, the biggest was the intervention in Libya. China is not Lybia or Syria, and certainly not Iraq. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. The Chinese ardently love peace, but have never been afraid of war. When people threaten us, they will be punished accordingly, hoisted by their own petard.

This is both a battle for public opinion and a psychological one. Our territory may be large, but not an inch of it is superfluous; and in guarding it, without negotiation, there is only conflict. At the end of the Han dynasty Liu Bei suffered patiently before eventually creating the Three Kingdoms; King Gou Jian took revenge for the loss of his country. I support the Chinese policy of taking the South China sea issue step by step,as one might boil a frog in water, with each gradation so small the frog never realises what is happening. If you cannot bear the small things, you cannot achieve your larger goals. Time is on our side, and the ace is in our hands – let’s see who laughs last. History will inevitably show who has been a passing guest in the region, and who indeed Scarborough Shoal truly belongs to.

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