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I have a friend who lives far away, separated by vast oceans and a 15 hour time difference. However, thanks to the internet and WeChat, we can talk every day. Even if we were in the same city, isn’t it so that we may not meet every day? So there is really nothing to complain about.

True friends must have a soul level connection. The human soul is diverse, each with different joys and sorrows. It is not easy to meet someone who matches you 50%, so it would be a pleasant surprise if they match even higher.

True friends will have common interests, with similar excitements in life, such as liking literature, liking art, liking politics, or liking beauty and love.

True friends can talk about anything. and pour their heart out to each other, sharing heartaches, sharing perceptions on things, outlook on life, and philosophy and religion.

The greatest role of true friends is the warm feeling they give you. In this cold material world, walking through life, when you hear the words “take care”, your heart will no longer be cold, you will no longer be at a loss, but instead feel the slightest warmth.

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