How to translate with us in three simple steps

The Marco Polo Project invites you to read and translate new writing from China.

It’s as easy as these three simple steps – so, don’t be shy, and have a try!

Click here for tips on how to translate more and better, or how to better learn as you translate.

1. Choose a text 

Click on ‘search catalogue’ and search for a text by author or topic – or go to the ‘topics’ widget in the right hand column. Click on the ‘ENG’ button next to the title to translate – a colour-code indicates how advanced each translation is.


2. Translate

Click ‘improve translation’ and type your translation directly into the box – erasing the Chinese as you go.

Please read our tips and guidelines in the box over the text!

3. Submit

Choose the new translation status and press submit. Voila, your translation is online.


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