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It’s hard to deny the fact that under the assault of WeChat, Weibo is on the decline. Except once the downhill path has ended there inevitably will be an uphill path, but no one knows where the downhill ends and where the uphill begins. Regardless of uphill or downhill, there is always someone at the top of the slope, below the slope, and at the bottom of the slope. The Weibo scenery is determined by the rise and fall of the flowing rhythm, otherwise, situated above a level line and easily fatigued. Comparable to a magnificent mansion, if you cannot see beyond the façade of its scenery, then you cannot understand the essence of Weibo. The competition between WeChat and Weibo, has enhanced the good looks of WeChat, and adjusted the target and goals of Weibo. WeChat and Weibo are striving to be the public’s sweetheart, but WeChat is missing some charm. Compared to Weibo, its audience is too small.

WeChatters value community. Its members group together for support, where those who share common values and like to discuss politics, economics, culture, education, family education, or love and romance, or celebrities, will each have their own community group. Even those who like to discuss Empress Wu will have their own group. Within each community there is interaction between those with common values, and those without cannot enter the circle. Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another. This is reflected crystal clear on WeChat. WeChat community group members often jump the rails, spreading the contents of WeChat onto Weibo. Once on Weibo, there will be unavoidable fighting and commotion. If it’s not bringing out the truth, death or glory, then it’s a vow to not give up, and never retreat.

Someone will always get hurt on Weibo, and as a result, go to WeChat seeking comfort, seeking sympathy, and seeking the comfort of home. Just like a child, who has been bullied outside, and then goes home to complain to their mother that someone beat them. However by nature, children love to play. After spending just a little long time in the house, they will go outside again and go crazy, and consequently get bullied again. As a result, they will go home crying again, complaining to their parents that someone outside beat them again. Later, in the process of growing up on non-stop play, they realise that home is a warm haven to return to and outside is a killing battlefield, where after they have rested they will go out again to fight, and once finished fighting, they will return home again. Later on, they return home less and less, leaving behind the warmth of home, to travel all over the world, carving out a new world of their own. Once they have this new world, then they have a home of their own.

Weibo values community. Each person has their own different set of values, if there are no boundaries set on these different values, and no consensus, then just putting them together will inevitably lead to contradiction and conflict, even to the point of being severely beaten. For instance, some people may choose socialism’s core value of freedom​​ and discover a precious treasure. Some people may choose equality, and regard it as the ideal. Some people may like law, and make it their sacred mission to defend the rule of law. Some people may choose patriotism, and place it up on moral high ground to try and unify the country. Some people may choose integrity, and regard it as the soul of man. Some people may choose democracy, and consider it the world trend to wholeheartedly embrace.

In the time of Gods’ Carnival, to support a god, you should be ready to give up other Gods. This is the tragedy of humans, but also the comedy of humans, and even the dark comedy of humans. Humans, like it or not, play it out on stage every day. Sisyphus(from Greek mythology) could not do anything about it, and had no choice but to push the boulder up the hill, and watch it fall back down, and then push it back up again. That kind of methodology of social Darwinism, was simply useless to Sisyphus.

The issue of values has never been a trivial matter, it has always been important because when values conflict, it’s not even a matter of life. Hungarian poet Petőfi said it well: Life is extremely precious and love is even more so; yet for the sake of freedom, both can be given up. Meaning that the value of freedom is worth more than life. If you really want to bring up the kind of fundamentalist leader of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France, engaging in terrorism is not considered a big movement, otherwise Samuel P. Huntington would not arduously write the book “The Clash of Civilizations”. The clash of civilizations is the most powerful conflict, that roasts the human soul over fire. Only by seeing humans from a pessimistic view, then there will be some optimistic things. If you view humans too optimistically, there may be disaster everywhere. Entering society with pessimism, and entering life with optimism, can be considered the ideal state.

Conflict of values on Weibo is simply hand-to-hand combat. There are not many words, besides long posts, short posts are 140 characters, or just a picture. People with different values, start firing once they meet, and do not even care about injury. It’s like playing the games “地道站”, “地雷站”, or “潜伏”. The Japanese devils and Kuomintang are out in the open, while guerrillas hide in the dark. They take a shot then change position, confusing the Japanese devils who cannot make head or tail of it. Weibo screen names, in addition to the big V(verified Weibo users who have more than 500,000 followers), are mostly created according to their own interests, hobbies, and values to make a virtual name. Sun Zi’s Art of War is still played smoothly on Weibo, whereby the true is usually disguised as the false, and the false is usually disguised as the true. This sixteen-character formula can also be easily used: When the enemy advances, we retreat; when the enemy camps, we harass; when the enemy tires, we attack; when the enemy retreats, we pursue.

Some researchers and observers worry unnecessarily that China’s values system is rapidly breaking apart and subsiding, getting out of control. It is becoming more difficult to reach a consensus. Chinese society has already fully entered into a society with torn values. Each value community has formed a little kingdom as if completely isolated from each other, with the tendency to divide and rule the kingdom, so that even water cannot enter. Someone proposed a resolution to this, by removing the fog and haze over Weibo, and return the blue sky and white clouds, and return the Chinese dream to be as bright as the sun and moon. There is undeniably a haze over Weibo, but haze requires strong winds, and only battle can form the winds, to form a huge storm, to blow away the haze. Wind current is created out of collisions, a value of consensus also results from collisions. Only the wind that comes from a collision of consensuses, can blow away the haze over Weibo.

Not to mention, the Weibo world is not the real world, let alone, the will of others is not ours to see, so how we can get this message across, is to say things like what Weibo can do, and what it can bear. What WeChat can bear, Weibo can also bear. What WeChat cannot bear, Weibo can bear, and is its advantage over WeChat. WeChat is a social body, but Weibo is a self-media. What Weibo can afford to do is let the value gods dance here, to fully awaken each value’s elves, to get up, and give rise to the dignity of each netizen. Weibo cannot bear the lightness of just a single value, but it can withstand the weight of multiple values. Perhaps Weibo’s value ​​and mission lies here.

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