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That young woman walked into the clinic. I sized her up with the kind of look I would have given to teen pop idol, Guo Jingming. She looked delicate and weak, as well as distressed. I wondered where the problem was. A thin, red, patent leather waist belt was strapped over her short, light green cotton dress. She said that she had missed her menstrual periods for two months, that she had been confused and dazed all day long, and that sometimes, she would suddenly faint. I handed her an early pregnancy test strip. She didn’t know how to use it, so I had to explain the method in detail. After a short while, she came out from the toilet and passed me the pregnancy test strip which showed two red bands at the top. She sobbed for a little while, and said she had no money, so I asked her to phone me later in the evening. But she didn’t call for a long time until just before my bedtime when I noticed a short text message on my handphone. “Aunty, I have decided to raise the child, no matter how difficult it is. Can you lend me some money to top up the credit for my handphone? If not, I can only send text messages. “

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Source : Nanfang Zhoumo

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