Passing the tomb of someone I know – 《经过一个 熟人的 墓地》 – English

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In spring children come to play hide-and-seek / Lovers secretly pass by / The woods swell like pregnant women

In autumn  golden yellow is all around like rice husks / A fall of frost freezes up the ground  but in the afternoon fluffs up again / The thick grass bears seeds  Snakes too bury themselves again

You have departed for many years / People who have loved you have married / Their children hide behind your stone monunent / They read your name  but do not know you

After all these years / You have become more and more short-sighted / Almost blind to the world

So have to leave you a letter / See you again before long

Original version 2007 / reviewed on August 26, 2014.

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Source : Douban

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