(Easy read) New and old street beggars exchange tips: get dirty and pretend to weep-街头新老乞丐交流经验:弄邋遢点 假装抹眼泪 – English

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According to《Wuhan Evening News》report Weibo friend @cindybear8888:Yesterday again I saw that familiar beggar,all year round hasn’t changed his look。He’s upright and opposite another begger chatting,I heard the following conversation“Where is that in Henan?”He asks“ZhuMaDian。“Ah villagers!”Two people became excited,next mutually ask the other side income,started to exchange beg experience,how to fabricate lie 。Two occupation beggar started to gossip “con others experience”,passers-by“pick up by ear”,Weibo“broadcast”their conversation。

To gain main bear lady is location to take photo fan。27 late evening,she在abide by ceremony/courtesy 门车站the side of the flower bedto wait for people。Beside 面face to face sitting down two beggars talking。Among the age slightly older、I’ve seen the one on crutches many times。The first time she was at Miaoli street encountered when she encountered also once have given change to the poor。This time,two beggars talk about把她雷倒了。(The following conversation uses“expert”and“amateur”differently to separate the two people)

Expert:We are fellow villagers!how long have you been in this business,and how did you begin?

Amateur:I just got here,everyday I come by almost ten bucks,to fill my stomach。

Expert:the inexperienced will be at a disadvantage,look my fellow villagers, I will teach you how to deceive others。you are beggars,unable to be picky,unable to distinguish your objectivity,other people who give money are the best,of course if they give food you also want,you still want to bow,don’t stop thanking,pretend to wipe your eyes to smear you tears,don’t refuse anyone who can express sincerity。

Amateur:yeah,sometimes others will give me good that I don’t want,then they feel that I am focused on cheating them out of their money。

Expert:Also,look at you,neat clothes,who will feel sorry for you?Keep your hair, beard messy,when you go out make your face dirty,have a sloppy appearance,others will sympathize with you。Also choose the right person:young people easily give money,especially students、young girls;middle aged people give as little as possible,sometimes they will curse at people;Older people are more stingy,there’s also an exception:the kind with children。Walk and pretend to carelessly bump legs,causing attention。When a child is present,older people will display,generally 5 bucks、10 bucks……

Ms. Xiong says,she listened for more than 10 minutes because still the issue hasn’t left,and sends Weibo to remind you all,friend big “shocking experience。”

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source: 有趣新闻
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