My classmate Li Meiying – 我的同桌李梅英 – English

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我的同桌李梅英初中毕业 / 嫁给了村上的王麻子 / 住在两层的新房里长乳房

While I was in Beijing I heard she had been three years she hadnt gotten pregnant. After sex with a man his mouth filled with gold

她来我家看我时,我亦不是那个 / 从后面拍她左肩 / 然后跳到右边的南方少年

我们在瘦瘦的秋风里走出很远,看见 / 田野里的枯草浑身抽搐,像 / 天桥上的老乞丐 / 等待着,在一场瑞雪中被埋入地下


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Source : Douban

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