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Careerfrog established by Kelly has become the biggest management-consulting platform for college students and other young people. Earlier this year, she established her own headhunting firm, ‘Kelly Placement’, put all her time and work into this job which “will always be ‘sexy’”. When she turned 30 she said her wishes were to train headhunters and raise her son.

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Kelly, a mom that graduated in Shanghai jiao tong university, she had a lucky chance coincidence and joined into a training field, CareerFrog that she established became the biggest management consulting platform for college students and other young people. Early this year she also established her own brand “Kelly Placement” she put all her time and work into this “will always be sexy” job. She faces a lot of troubles and problems each day, but she enjoyed it, inspirational as a small but beautiful company. After the Shanghai Entrepreneurship, she wanted more, took part in the G20 world young entrepreneurs summit, a tutor gave her some guidance, made her achievement much bigger. When she turned 30 her wishes were to train the headhunter and raise her son together.

Q: After you graduated the work you engaged in human recourse, it involved in college student vocational training. Can you tell us what was the opportunity that you thought about this work and the development of this market?

A: In fact establish CareerFrog is a destiny. When I graduated college, I have never think of I will star a business by my self, I have always thought that working in a foreign enterprise is my occupation target. There are a lot of unexpected things happening in life, such as I never would’ve thought that I will resign because of a accidental pregnancy, and in the time in unemployment I wrote and published a book, just after the birth of a child and I left him to go study MBA with my husband in America, then on the those days, I had a thought to own my own business… Too much of these unexpected things gave my life more surprises and joy. Maybe some people might say that I’m too at will, but don’t think so, I think every one in ever different time periods the choices you make they have their reason, things happen for a reason. Life is like a string, we cant plan the trend of the future, all we can do is to put this centimeter on the right track, maybe when we look back we will find out that the string is crooked, but so what? At least you received marvelous.

Q: CareeFrog is very popular, can you tell us what were the steps of its growth, what kind of people you focused on, and what the main challenge were?

A: CareerFrog is now mainly helping the students in college and the young people had working for 2-3 yesrs with management consulting, investment bank, risk investments and private equity. We are using online and offline, in class and one-on-one training lessons, there are industry insiders teaching, practical, effective occupation skills. We are the first job training institutions, we don’t do any ordinary occupation skills, because those kind of training will only become occupational enlightenments, and our trainings can be measured by results, we will help them to succeed. For now our market are mainly in china, next year we will expand to Hongkong, Singapore, America and The great Britain, to help more Chinese abroad students can get back to china or stay there to get good jobs.


Q: The job Headhunter is familiar to everyone, but unfamiliar too, can you tell us about how is the work in Headhunters?

A: I have always thought, those headhunters are the “sexiest” job in this world, but till now I only have been a headhunter for a year, but I really enjoy this work.

The first thing that this job attracts me is that you can learn new stuffs and meet new friends every day.  Since this headhunter job reaches a board range, although each has its own focus, you will reaches different different projects in the same field. For example, the thing I was busy doing these days is to find a project manager for a top management consulting company. Some projects require experience in medical related manufactory, some need experience related to automobile industries and others need energy chemical industry, need knowledge related to energy chemical industry. Normally, I am in charged of one project no longer than one moth, so the time is really limited for me to learn from those experiences. I always do a lot of researches, and sometimes I will ask my colleagues to do these work for me. Afterwards, I will finish learning those information and content within a day and try to specialize in those industries in a short time(to be honest, not really expert). But the one of the most important work for headhunters to do is to turn things they learn into their own knowledge in a short period of time and to start a conversation with every candidate and let them trust that you actually know this industry. At the same time, quickly learn those things that they share with you. Besides, I have chances to know and talk with two or three experts and elites in those industries. What’s more, since I, myself, am a mother, I usually lead the conversation topics with some elderly candidates, especially women, to children and the between work and life. This strategy works for many times and it helps us patch up our relationships.

Another aspect that is fascinating about my job is that headhunting is not only a good consultant but also a excellent sales. You have to promote your job as well as yourself during the process. That’w why I give my job hunting company the name, Kelly Placement, which is my own name, with my photo enclosed.

I remember that one time, when i was heading off to the airport to see my client, my husband came back home and started staring me up and down. He was really puzzled and asked me whether I was going to wear like this to see my client. His action made me feel weird and asked,“Sure, is there a problem?” I had never expected that he was going to say,”Not decent!” I was defiant and resentful at that moment, however, after I calmed down and thinker carefully, I realized what my husband said was actually reasonable. In order to let someone believe in you and accept you in a short period of time, your appearance and your details are really important. After that time, I really put effort on my appearance and wearings when I am going to meet my clients and candidates. Because if you want to “hunt” someone who is decent, you have to make yourself decent first.

Of course, on the other side, your proficiency and your sales kills are the other two important abilities that is going to help you.

Q: A lot of people’s careers start stagnating after their thirties and begin considering switching their jobs. Do you have any observations or suggestions for people who are looking for jobs at this age?

A: A lot of classmates, colleagues and friends around me are at this awkward age range and they often talk with me about this thing. I realize that they seem to be relieved after they discussed with me,  however, their problems and worries arise again after one night’s sleep.

Headhunter likes to do undermining jobs, which means you should better keep your current job first and look for the job which is suitable for you afterwards when you want to job your jobs. Headhunter is always looking for people who don’t need to worry about their jobs, not those people who are not able to find jobs.

Professional managers usually improve their values in the market by switching their jobs. If you have remained in your current position for more than three years and it seems there is no promotion in the near future, it is better that you begin thinking about changing your jobs.

The last suggestion is to keep in touch with one or two reliable headhunters who have resources. Maybe they started knowing you when you achieved a lot of things, however, they also may become someone who will help you when your career meet some challenges and problems. Don’t forget to leave a hope even that you are successful and keep your hopes all the time, it may become something who help you when you face failure.

Q: You have collected many experiences and achieved a lot of achievements these years. However, I believe that you also meet a lot of challenges and failures through this process, can you share with us about your business experience?

A: Starting a business is something that you are never going to turn around. Few people return to company for a job after the failure of their business. A lot of people who are interested in business will start another business after they failed their first business. They will do this over and over again until the success takes place. A friend of mine finally achieved his success after his eighth failure. Also, if you start an another business after your first success, you are someone who is always successful.

After I started my business in summer in 2011, it has been almost two and a half years till now. I finally felt some sense of starting a business. Overlooking this two and a half years’ experience, it seemed all of these are a project, and what I am doing is to make this project perfect without consideration of strategies and settings. It was until G20 conference this year in Russia that I met my current mentor, Jeff Hoffman, the founder of and also one of those consecutive successful businessman. He let me know what setting is and how to jump out my own range and begin those things seem not to be related to our lives and collects those thing and until make all of them united. These are the chances and opportunities for staring a business.

Foundation is undoubtedly hard way, but how many young people could do what they wanted do and the eventually result is successful and comfortable? From this point, founder is happiness in a way.

Q: The orthodox industry, Headhunt even now conflict between LinkedIn, indeed and like called social networking services, and after global financial crisis, will the enterprise corporation reduce expense for personnel affairs? How do you think where the core value in this business’s future?

A: In my opinion, the orthodox Head hunt will never substitute by social networking services, because the merit of a good head hunter is far exceed merit of asymmetric information. We are head hunters, we hunt people, and network will never substitute the connection and relationship between two people.

From first day of start head hunt, I was never even thought about this company to place big, although America have a big headhunt company called Kelly Services LOL. I hope I can make a small and great head hunt company, and can do well in this job.

核心价值就在于人脉的积累和人脉的管理,并且把这些做到极致。我一直相信,任何一件事情只要你做到了极致,就是最强的核心竞争力。比如我们会对我们candidate pool里面的每个人进行档案式管理,记录他们每个人从职业到生活上的点滴,譬如籍贯、生日、甚至是结婚纪念日,孩子出生日,或配偶在哪里工作等。只要每次在和他/她沟通时我们得到的所有信息,我们都会记录下来,并在这些特殊的时候送上关怀和惊喜,这些都是我们在人身上的投资,而投资的结果就是,这些年薪上百万的candidates今后只会把自己的career交给我们一家,如果他们想跳槽,便会在第一时间告诉我们,而这些信息的价值是无穷的。这些对于一个管理几万个甚至几十万个候选人的大型猎头公司而言,是不可能做到的。

Q: Do you have any thinkings of what do you want to do or be about your life or career in 30 years old.


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