How an earthquake in Japan reveals the crimes of the Chinese soul – 日本地震中,中国人性的罪与罚 – English

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It’s been a few days already since the earthquake in Japan, the number of deaths has been established at forty, and eight people are still missing. However, when we compare this to the 2008 earthquake in China, the number of deaths is just a drop in a bucket. If we compare the two, it’s not just about the difference between the death toll, but a difference in the level of humanity, and a difference between two social systems. An earthquake is a disaster for humanity, it is a punishment imposed on humanity by the invisible forces of nature. Behind the disaster comes the hope that humanity will realise how small we are, it should unite us, and light up hope. Compassion and empathy are the invisible powers that allow people to understand each other.

This morning, I sent a message to a circle of friends: ” A moment of silence for the Japanese earthquake; a ray of hope, and pray that the victims receive help.” This was the message, and here’s some of the reactions I received: “Are you Japanese? Traitor!” Others said:“Drop dead.” There were also many more positive messages, with some overturning the former so-called “….” 印证叫好日本人受难的合理合法。人性原罪中的嫉妒、扭曲的狂欢淋漓尽致地显露了出来。鲁迅曾说过一句话:群众,尤其是中国的,永远是戏剧的看客。有人曾向我反对鲁迅的这句话,他说:“谁说的?我们不是看客,我们在搞文艺复兴。民族主义者比民主主义者多多了。”就是所谓民族主义,所谓他所说的文艺复兴,就是不假思索的看客自欺的理论。


Stupidity itself is a sin, and not only a sin, but the most profound kind of punishment, though punishments are often not limited to this. When people fail to realise stupidity is a punishment, another punishment will make people realise, though whether those who are numb are capable of this realisation is another question.

Between the Japanese earthquake and the Chinese earthquake, the death toll is so different, but can people see where the difference is?

Does Abe not also lecture in a grandstanding manner? All the disaster relief volunteers standing straight as a rod, Abe standing among them, time passing, 有这种现象吗?

Apart from the earthquake, will the appearance of air, food, and quality of water problems cause China in this regard to make some headway?

Apart from the earthquake, many people, in terms of pointing out national problems or making criticisms, would illogically call people traitors. What a joke! Who is most capable of betraying their country? How can those without a sliver of land sell their country?


The environment and human condition degenerated, with no solution in sight, and because of this, because problem after problem emerged, in the end there was no desire to shout, no desire to grumble like a disgruntled woman, speech having no use, what was there to say? In this muddied world, being able to retain a heart with some measure of purity could be seen as one’s good peace and fortune. And unlike those so-called, seemingly drug-addled nationalists, they rejoiced in Japan’s earthquake, various regions sending congratulatory telegrams, merrily celebrating, clapping their hands and sending well-wishes. They had endless energy, like the face of a malevolent spirit in the dark, they themselves having borne a darkness so hard to bear, and at dawn vanishing into thin air.

The Japanese earthquake was a test of the people’s character, all the applauding voices the proof of a hell in which the self is deeply trapped. No one can escape original sin.

Finally, I hope that Japan can weather the disaster, and light hope for the future. And I hope that China can begin its self-redemption, and give some hope to its soul.

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