House rules

The Marco Polo Project encourages free discussion and debate, but we have a few house rules that we ask all users to follow:

  • Do not post comments or submit texts that are against the laws of your country, or that are strongly offensive to other users. In particular, do not post material that may cause our entire website to be prosecuted, shut down or blocked.
  • If someone else changes your translation, and you disagree with their edits, you can revert back to your original version; but we ask you to avoid translation wars, and systematic reverting to the reversion. If you disagree with another user on the right translation, please contact them directly, or write an explanation in the comments section.
  • If you experience troubles with another user, whether you consider their comments offensive, feel bullied by them systematically changing your translation, or feel attacked personally, please contact our editorial team who will mediate and attempt to resolve the conflict.

Any user who does not respect these rules will be contacted by our team, and offensive or contentious material will be quarantined until after discussion. We reserve the right to cancel your account if you consistently fail to comply with our house rules. If only spam is posted from an account, we reserve the right to delete both material and account without previous warning.

For more details about our user policy, please read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ page.

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