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In human existence, one important way of living is observing. Observing nature’s beauty, is the way to fully embrace the beauty of spring; observing beauty made by man, is the way to fully embrace the beauty of the world. The most important thing is to fight to stay away from things, and just observe, if that is possible.

Watching is a luxury, because everyone must work to make a living, and in addition to maintaining oneself, you also have to provide for others in the family, so in order to reach a detached position in one’s lifetime, is not a very easy thing. Monks choose to stay away from things, adopt a detached position, but for common people, this is a position we must secure, and we can only reach it through lifelong labor or deliberate choice.

Once people have reached a position where they can stay out of things, then they can spend their life watching, just watching, not doing anything. Only then does life become full and complete enjoyment, and perception becomes full and complete pleasure. This is the sublimation of our life, the most beautiful moments in our existence.

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Source : 新浪博客

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