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After living in Europe for a while

we learnt to be like the locals

smiled even when we bumped into strangers

but when we occasionally bumped into compatriots

we behaved as if we were back home

stiffened up nervous, solemn faces

Yisha’s comments: while translating Anna Akhmatova, Zhu Jian said that Akhmatova is the true “queen of short poems”. When I heard what he said, I couldn’t really accept it, because I never felt that the “short poems” she wrote were “short poems”. I think the reason for this is because, though the length of her writing is short, she writes widely and deeply, and this is definitely not a minor trick borne out of a flash of inspiration, (which is typically the structure of a short poem). For the same reasons, I also do not feel that this poem by Hou Ma is a “short poem”, because it is written with such breadth and depth that the content uncovered by the poem is enough to fill an entire book. This is precisely the strength of poetry, the power to express deep meaning with concise and carefully chosen language.

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