Submissions Guidelines

What We Are Looking For

The Marco Polo is looking to discover emerging and established Chinese writers, both in fiction and non-fiction. We are particularly interested in voices that have never been translated before.

We are looking for quality writing that will stay relevant over time. We are interested in thought-provoking writing that reflects original aspects of Chinese society.

We plan to cover a wide range of topics, with a focus on social issues, interpersonal, gender and family relations, alternative arts and culture, and urban life in second and third tier cities.

If you’re wondering whether to submit a piece, you can ask yourself if it is:

  • Durable – would I still want to read it in one or two years’ time?
  • Well constructed – some poetic quality may be lost in translation, but a well-constructed, well-argued piece, or a moving story with a sharp storyline will appeal to an international audience
  • Original – does this piece reflect an aspect of Chinese culture or society that foreign magazines, blogs or publishers often overlook?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you submit medium-length pieces of around 500 to 2000 words, but if you find something longer or shorter that you think aligns with the criteria above, don’t hesitate and submit it.

When you submit a text, we ask you to tag it with a number of keywords, so that it can be found easily by readers interested in the topic.

Please do NOT submit articles that break laws/statutes/policies/copyright or humiliate/offend/discriminate other people. We reserve the right to block submissions that we judge offensive.

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