The Marco Polo Project helps you understand contemporary China by celebrating language and literature. 


Our website presents a diverse selection of new writing from China – non-fiction and social commentary from leading intellectuals and independent bloggers – formatted for non-Mandarin natives, with bilingual titles, tags, and author biographies. Our selection reflects the diversity of Chinese writing today, and does not follow any political or ideological agenda.

This website is also a collaborative translation platform, where you can practice your translation skills on authentic material and receive feedback on your translation from other, more advanced users.

All translations are published on this website, with a colour code indicating  their degree of completion. This way, you can access authentic voices from China even if you can’t read Chinese – or if you’re a translator, you can help others understand more about China while practicing your language skills, and build an online portfolio for yourself.

The Marco Polo Project incorporated as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee in May 2011, recognised as a charity by the Australia Charity and Non-Profit Commission, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.





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About the Author

French-Australian writer, educator, sinophile. Any question? Contact julien@marcopoloproject.org