60 year old laughed himself to death playing chess – 6旬老人和棋友一起下棋 太兴奋笑一声身亡 – English

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A 60-year-old old man from Zhengzhou got so excited while playing chess with an old chess buddy that he laughed himself to death.

Upon making a successful move,

the old guy was so elated that he actually laughed himself to death.

冬天保健课 看看医生的提醒

The previous afternoon, the 60-year-old man was playing chess with an old chess buddy downstairs, and after making a few moves, he slouched askew in his chair and fell to the ground.

At 3:20pm, a reporter from the Zhengzhou Evening Paper hurried to the entrance to the community hostpital at the intersection of Huashan and Huaihe Road in the suburb of Huahuai in North-East Hong Kong. There, paramedics were administering CPR to the old man.

After 30 minutes, they could no longer find the old man’s pulse.

A man named Mr Zhao presented himself at the scene, and explained that the man lived nearby and everyday went to the local school to pick up students. “His health is usually really good. The problem arose after only a few moves (in chess). It looks like he took one of old Mr Wang’s important pieces, got excited, laughed and then suddenly slumped to the side.

Probably due to an acute heart attack, the man was already dead by the time they arrived, paramedics said.

The hospital wishes to remind the eldery that they should regularly have a full-health checkup, reduce the amount of salt, animal-fat, cholesterol and the calories they consume in their diet in order to avoid weight-gain and high blood-pressure, and that they should eat foods rich in potassium such as celery, corriander, onions, yams, potatoes, etc. Also, they should rest regularly, keep a calm state of mind and avoid fits of anger or getting overly excited. In the coldest and hottest times of year, they should also avoid going outside for long-periods as much as possible.

Source : youquxinwen有趣新闻


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