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I’ve been asking myself recently: is my blog ultimately an ‘independent blog’? Suddenly throwing this question at myself is not too trite, only because this time, it led me to an epiphany. Although my previous ideas may have been naive(note: in the process of growing up, naivety is inevitable), subconsciously, I always felt that my site was an ‘independent blog’, but in fact, am I really “independent?

Do I satisfy the three criteria for independent blogging?

Many people think in the following way: to determine whether a blog is independent, there are three basic criteria: 1. independent domain, 2. independent hosting, 3. independent contents. Now concerning my ‘Zhao Qiang’ blog, it has an independent domain name (, and the blog is hosted on an independent server in Hong Kong, but the contents are ‘not entirely independent’.

What does it mean to say that the contents ‘are not entirely independent’? To put it bluntly, I say that because I write a few texts “passively”. 这种类型的博客属于“迎合性博客”,何谈独立?So why am I passive? Two words: “follow the trend”. But why would I follow the trend? 源于对自己实力的“轻视”以及去独立博客圈子的“盲目”。

1. Contempt: when you’re a non-authoritative, non-professional writing your own blog just as a hobby, at first, in order to attract others to your contents, you will always write a few ‘posts you hate’ in a manner that caters to our lowest instincts. Afterwards, you may feel that this was just contempt of yourself, and lack of self-confidence, and have some regrets. 试问:王侯将相,宁有种乎?


话说到此,是否有人觉得“赵强博客”不是合格的独立博客。This is a fact, I need to be honest about my own situation, and only with the courage to face people will I be able to go one. 带有目的性的博客不是好博客,而我最初却全中了。

Do I desire an independent blog?

面对“独立博客三要素”不能同时成立,我的博客难道就注定不能独立吗?In fact, I personally greatly desire to have an independent blog, and so I’ve long desired to set myself apart from ‘blogs that appeal to our lowest instincts’.

I remember, for the first two months after I started my blog, I lived on a very ‘day to day’ basis, very mechanically, and during that time, I did about every error you can on a blog. But later on, I started evolving towards an independent blog. Since I was transforming, I certainly wanted to record my own ideas independently. And the result of this transformation, everyone can see it through my writing.


Last words:

Whether a blog is ‘independent’ does not only depend on these three criteria, no matter what platform you write on, so long as your ‘thinking’ is not just passive, then water will naturally flow to the lowest point. (Text: Zhao Qiang)

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